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The perfect collaboration
Collaboration is the key word in our projects, which usually involve 3 partners: An end-user, an installer and Geovent.
The installer and the end-user analyze the end-user’s problem – and we find the best possible product solution with the installer, who completes the project. In this way, the end-user gets an optimal solution to his problem.
This is how installations with Geovent products are carried out internationally on a daily basis. Large and small projects go through our technical sales staff, who help to find an optimal and problem-free solution to the end-user’s problem.
A small project has just been completed at AVN Hydraulik, who wanted a solution for their cutting table. Here hoses need to be shortened and the varying lengths of the hoses required a flexible solution. Therefore, together with the renowned installer company, E. Klink, a solution with both an ASA-3 extraction arm and a COMPACT extraction arm was found. In addition to the great flexibility the ASA-3 arm offers in reach and coverage area, the COMPACT arm complements this with its internal telescopic arm. It allows the COMPACT arm to be positioned exactly where it is needed, and it can be pushed up and away from the workplace, so that it provides clearance when not in use.
To ensure efficient extraction via the arms, an MSFG 200-3 fan was chosen. With the built-in Scirocco wheel, the fan is quiet, produces little vibration and delivers significant pressure and flow per kW. This provides an energy efficient and sustainable solution.
If you have questions contact us on tel. +45 86 64 22 11 or [email protected]

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